Unique blends of dried Herbs & Spices for all your culinary needs.


With 16 mouthwatering flavours of 'Simply Sprinkle' now available from 'Old Faithful' Garlic and Herb to the exotic rich flavours of Egyptian, Persian & Cayman never again will food be bland and boring!

The 'Simply Sprinkle' range can be used in a multitude of ways by either competant cooks or complete beginners. Make you own marinades for meat, fish & vegetables, use as a dry rub or simply add to any stir frys, pasta sauces, soups, stews and curries for mouthwatering results.

Try making your own dips, potato wedges or savoury breads. The list is endless,  use your imagination and off you go. Just use a little from the pack, reseal and use again and again............................

Click on the Basic Cooking Ideas to see how simple it can be

Our unique blends contain no wheatflour, have no added salt or sugar, no artificial colourings, preservatives or MSG. All are Gluten Free. All are suitable for Vegans



If you are feeling very creative or just can't make up your mind then why not try our 15 Variety Pack. Every cook should have one of these in their kitchens. They also make great presents for those tricky friends that seem to have everything!