About DW

The DW Story

Salt, Sugar, Preservatives, Colourings, MSG etc. WHY? That was the question I asked myself back in 2002. 

So after spending some weeks in the local library reading up on herbs and spices from around the world (I did not have the internet at the time) I started with 5 different blends, this now stands at 17 with more in the pipeline.

I then had to think of a name for the company, my initials being JH I felt it didn't flow so the next best thing was DW and therefore I named the company ........................ after my cat Death Wish* .....and  DW Herbs & Spices was born. (this is why on every pack you will find the picture of a black and white cat).

Because the versatility of the product was not being appreciated by a lot of people the DW range of herbs & spices was  re branded to:-

'Simply Sprinkle'.



*DW was given the name  when at the age of 3 weeks she chewed through an electric cable, blew the fuse and survived, hence Death-Wish!